New for 2017: Happy Jack's Late Night Cafe

Does food and drink on sale 24 hours each day sound like your kind of thing? Then there is only one place to go - Happy Jack's!

Sweet or savoury, the new Campsite Hub has got you covered. As well as French crêpe's and hot chocolates on offer to entice your sweet tooth, Happy Jack's will also be serving cooked breakfasts and pizza, accompanied with fresh smoothies and juices all day. What's not to love!?

And if you and your friends want to keep the party going, you can pre-order your booze from Click & Collect, instead of lugging it to the festival and enjoy the night even more! 

Click and Collect

Other News

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Octopus' Garden

Gin & Tonic, Craft Beers, Food from Around the World and so much more in the Octopus' Garden

While you're walking around the Main Arena we’d definitely recommend making a visit to the Octopus' Garden where you'll discover an absolute haven for food and drink lovers. From craft beer to a rolling rotisserie, we've got it all covered.