The Arcadian Kicks
When was the last time a band captivated it’s audience with a timeless look and inner beauty that is only bestowed on the very few. The Arcadian Kicks are two girls, three boys all eighteen summers old. They combine soaring melodic beauty with hard-edged sax, soulful guitar soundscapes and pounding tribal rhythms contained by a wall of sub bass.

They began their journey as school friends in classroom practice sessions and soon they were masquerading as adults to play countless gigs at the request of local Birmingham promoters. As their star rises local press have been keen to write about this band with The Birmingham Post calling them “the band to watch for 2008” as well as requests from commercial radio stations to be the first to champion the next generation.

The group was first spotted by Jon Brookes from the Charlatans as he was judging one of the heats in the Surface Unsigned bands competition in Birmingham in the Summer of 2007. Although The Arcadian Kicks didn’t go on to win Jon saw enough potential to create a management company called One Beat Media with the sole intention of looking after them.

The Arcadian Kicks give a glimpse of the future, a time to reject apathy and crass commercialisation, ready to deal in the world’s only true resource, music. Their first demo gives a rare glimpse of song writing partnerships in exciting early stages, the band securing the services of producer James Spencer. (New Order, Electronic, Johnny Marr and The Charlatans).

Their music and lyrics are influenced by the world and their place within it by The Sounds, The Subways, Cajun Dance Party, Zeppelin, Julie Driscoll and early Fleetwood Mac. A heady cocktail that works its dependable magic to such affect that every audience will submit themselves to a band that has mesmerising stage presence and unbelievable musicianship. As their following and reputation grows, so will the clamour for their attention from a media, hungry for the next musical phenomenon.


The Arcadian Kicks